Star Trek: The New Generation

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From Damon to Dugan

When it comes to influence on pop-culture, I’m not sure there’s anything that surpasses Star Trek. Having just celebrated its 50th anniversary, it’s hard to deny the effect Star Trek has had not only within the realm of science fiction, but in society as a whole. Star Trek (The Original Series), created by Gene Roddenberry, introduced bold topics and themes in a fresh sci-fi setting that was wildly unique; a cultural splash that fundamentally redefined science fiction. Unfortunately, this monolith of sci-fi pop-culture struggles to hold up today, especially to the uninitiated (myself included). While innovative in its time, the show can’t help but fall victim to its age. The dated production value is all too apparent, the larger ideas at play often outreach the writing, and then there’s William Shatner. While I admire what The Original Series set out to do, it should speak volumes that Shatner’s post-Trek career…

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2 thoughts on “Star Trek: The New Generation

  1. I enjoyed the original Star Trek largely because of the physical science running through the scenes and stories- physics to be exact. I’d been studying physics as an undergrad student at about the time the show was popular and I found the science themes running just below the surface to make the show all the more interesting. But I never had the time or interest to get into it and other sci-fi shows to the extent the original reviewer did. We only have 24/7 to work with; what can I say! 😉

  2. It’s always fascinated me how effin’ serious people take television. They talk about shows with more passion and emotional investment than they display for their own friends and family.

    If fictitious characters’ shenanigans on a screen become more interesting than one’s own life, there’s a clear solution here and it ain’t the new bundled package from DirectTV..

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