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head shot

Yes, I blame all my woes on Jack Kerouac and his ridiculous book. That rambling, disjointed crap sent me out into the world after high school with my thumb in the wind and everything I owned stuffed into a ratty backpack. As he said, “The best teacher is experience and not through someone’s distorted point of view.” Well, Jack, it turns out a college degree might have come in handy, too. Hindsight, right?

Despite my educational failings, the ability to communicate effectively has always been an integral part of my life and work…whether it was writing jokes for a morning radio show, website content for a civil engineering firm, Dave Barry-esque musings in Michigan’s second largest daily paper or scripts to feed the insatiable news machine. It’s all about telling a good story. If you’re looking to categorize me, I would gladly accept the title of “humorist.” I’ll be posting stories that talk “largely about small matters, and smally about great affairs,” to steal from James Thurber (another inspiration).

Unfortunately, that sometimes requires more than 140 characters (okay, most times), so be ready to invest a few more minutes. I’ll try and make it worth your while. A word of warning…I’m an adult and as such use adult language on occasion. It’s meant to entertain rather than shock, but proceed at your own peril. I just feel there is far too little laughter in the world.

Curt MacDougall


16 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Curt…

    Great to have discovere dyou blog via the cherished blogfest organised by Damyanti, and which I’m helping with the co-hosting. Hope to catch up with some of your blogposts over the weekend.

    Regards, Paul..

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    • Dave,
      I truly appreciate the fact that you think enough of my blog to nominate me. But this is an awkward time. A time when I am questioning my writing abilities and the purpose of this blog. A time when I am bereft of both inspiration and creativity. A time of reevaluation. My friend Sammy D, whose blog bemuzin has been silent for several months now, put it this way: “I decided until I devote time to truly research & absorb – by writing only for myself – what I’ve gleaned and where I’m headed, my blogging would feel like a diversion when what I want is immersion.”
      I find myself in much the same place. I honestly don’t know when I’ll be posting again, and for those reasons don’t feel right about accepting such an award. I hope you understand. Who knows – maybe something that will rekindle my inspiration is waiting just around the corner.

      • Hi Curt. Sorry to hear you’ve hit a patch of mud in your writing path. I wouldn’t worry about your writing abilities, it’s clear you have a gift for it. But based on your “about”, I wonder if your history of writing for others may skew you into thinking you need to blog for others too. I’d suggest you should write to entertain yourself first; chances are what you come up with might be entertaining for others too. I hope you enjoy your sabbatical, and in the meantime, keep your eye out for those quirky little things…

  4. I’m glad I found your blog. Your sense of humor as on full display in the trials and tribulations of the toasters is infectious and fun, and a little lightheartedness is what we need in this ol’ world right now. I’m a follower as of today and look forward to you making me smile, or as it was today, making me read the title and the first line out loud to my husband, AKA The Grill-Meister in my blog.
    Keep writing, keep sharing, stay safe and find some more inspiration in the little things.

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