I’d love to hear from you, whether you’re an editor or publisher looking for material, or just want to chat about the latest Lions loss. Email me at or leave a comment below. If you’re really desperate, you can follow me on Twitter, @curtmacdougall. Thanks.

8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Serendipity. I clicked on Almost Iowa and chanced his recommendation of your blog. I’m reading and thinking, I know this guy. Anyway I finally figured it out, I would read you in the GR Press, loved your stuff! Happy I found you again. Yes this is the Lions year..not to mention UofM mess. Tigers keep getting thisss close…Grand Rapids is no longer the city with a church on every corner, now it’s brew pubs. Hipsters have taken over downtown, every old factory is now rehabbed for apts at “market rate” which translates to more than you can afford buddy! Good times…

    • OMG, my lone GR Press reader! It truly is a small world. As for the old ‘hood, who would have thunk it. I go and move all the way to Fort Collins, with its burgeoning micro-brewery scene, and I could have had the same thing had I only held on another couple of years there in West Michigan…except for the fact that I never hear the words “lake effect” anymore.

      Good to have you back…hope you’ll stick around.

  2. “….often times the road is visible beneath your feet due to a tendency of the floors to rot away like vampire flesh caught in a shaft of sunlight.”
    Great line…and I’ve experienced that a few times in New York and Budapest Taxis. I thought it rather cool to watch the pavement move beneath my feet… 

  3. How did I arrive here? Well, click here, click there, and away we go. I have blogged since 2001 and still have a site, but….I am a true Gemini and my Jake Spoon-isms are not conducive to any regimen. I do miss intelligent minds, so I think I will hang around here quite often!

    • Glad to have you along. I struggle with maintaining a regimen myself and often toy with stepping away from this forum, but then someone like you comes along and, well, keeps me going. Thanks for the kind words, and don’t ride with strangers.

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